Sunday, April 10, 2011

If a Penny Could Speak

what stories would it tell?

"TO SENSE WORTH- Tales of a Penny ahead of its Time"

For Kindle & all other eBook readers only $2.99 and Paperback for 16.99
Orphaned and impoverished by the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906, a little girl discovers a secret treasure to call her own, the very first Lincoln penny. Is it magic, or lucky?
What is it about the tiny copper coin that would sustain Elizabeth Hamilton through the drastic changes of the twentieth century?

You might never see a penny the same as the seemingly insignificant coin teaches her the most valuable lesson of all.

If you like historical fiction based on traditional American values, you'll want to read "To Sense Worth, Tales of a Penny ahead of its Time," from .EF Clark Publishing, released on April 15th, 2011 in eBook and paperback.

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Q) Three year old Cindy from Lincoln, Montana asks "Mr. .EF, why are there 2 covers?"

A) Well Cindy, first of all thanks for asking, that's a great question. You're pretty smart for a 3 year old. The reason for the 2 covers is that 1 (on the left) is an eBook, the other's a paperback. You can order either format at UPDATE (I've always wanted to say that): Both formats now share the same cover! Great news, huh? (Is that crickets I hear??)

Q) Tony Vledmirshikovsky from somewhere in the Ukraine wants to know if Abe Lincoln actually talks through the penny.

A) Don't be silly Tony (is that your real name?), pennies can't talk. And if Lincoln could miraculously speak to us from beyond the grave, don't you think he'd use something more impressive than a penny, like the 2012 Lincoln Navigator SUV with voice-activated Navigation System and Integrated SIRIUS Traffic and Travel Link and HD Radio?

Q) Bob stuck in traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike weighed in this morning via smartphone email: "I sure wish I had taken that last exit back there and stopped at the Denny's to use the restroom!"

A) Me, too Bob, me too. Well not ME, I'm not stuck having to go to the john, but I do sympathize. Any whoo that's all the time we have for now, so keep those cards and letters coming folks, and we'll catch you on the flip side (a little...coin metaphor there).